Become a partner of EFNI 2014

The 4th edition of the European Forum for New Ideas, organized by the Polish Confederation Lewiatan, City of Sopot, and business partners, will be taking place on 1-3 October in Sopot.

During the event, Sopot will become the centre of an international discussion on key challenges that stand before Europe and the European project.

We encourage you to participate in EFNI 2014. If you are interested in having your company become a Partner of the Forum please contact Dorota Zawadzka.

EFNI 2013 Recommendations

StrategThe 3rd edition of the European Forum for New Ideas traditionally ended with the reading and acclamation of the Sopot Declaration by the participants. This document is expanded upon in the form of EFNI RECOMMENDATIONS, which are based on the sessions, panels and debates. EFNI Recommendations, as every year, are presented to political and economic decision makers in Poland and the European Union as our voice in the European debate.

EFNI 2013 Report

StrategEnclosed you will find our latest publication – EFNI 2013 REPORT where you can find information about all the events that took place during the Forum. We hope you will enjoy reading it.

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