Panel session

Faceocracy: The Impact of Social Media and Fake News on Democracy, Politics and Society

• Is the truth still important? Post-truth in public life
• What does this generation of social media users expect from politics?
• Twitter as a new tool of diplomacy?
• Can social media be convinced to use algorithms which prefer reliable information rather than questionable and popular information?
• What are the boundaries of freedom of speech in the era of electronic media?
• Should publishing fake news be punishable?


Dalia Bankauskaitė, Adviser to the European Affairs Committee of the Seimas, Institute of International Relations and Political Sciences, Vilnius University, Lithuania
Margo Gontar, co-founder and editor, StopFake, Ukraine
Sabina Inderjit, Vice President, Indian Journalists Union, India
Nataliia Tymkiv, Member of the Board of Trustees, Ukraine
Barçin Yinanç, Opinion Editor, Hürriyet Daily News, Turkey

Sheraton Conference Centre, Columbus C+D
Friday, 29.09, 17:30-19:00