Globalizm? Bilateralizm? Patriotyzm gospodarczy? Wyzwania dla społeczeństw i biznesu

SOPOT | September 27-29, 2017
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Idea of EFNI

The European Forum for New Ideas is an international discussion meeting of the business milieus focusing on the future of Europe and its economy in the broad, global context. It has been organised since 2011 by the Polish Confederation Lewiatan in cooperation with BusinessEurope, the City of Sopot, as well as Polish and foreign companies and institutions. Each year hundreds of new ideas are produced around the globe aimed at changing various aspects of reality. Only a handful of them will lead to a success. And these are the ideas we talk about in Sopot.


The role of Europe – which until recently has been looked up to as a global political and economic leader – is becoming increasingly marginal. The Old Continent is grappling with demographic issues and sluggish economic growth, while devising a long term concept of development seems problematic. The Europeans are losing their faith in the future of the EU and the feasibility of the integration process. We are no longer seen as the authority by the nations of the world while their respect for us and our success, namely the unprecedented political and economic experiment which the EU is, has been dissipating.


The only way to reverse this trend is ‘reinventing’ Europe. We need to decide on the role we wish to play in the new global order, to identify our interests and obligations, and to balance our aspirations with the actual possibilities of realising them. We must be able to foresee potential problems rather than just respond to current affairs.


Every year we invite to the Polish coast entrepreneurs, managers and economists from Europe and other continents. Working hand in hand with the most prominent representatives of the scientific and political spheres as well as NGOs, we attempt to come up with new ideas for dealing with economic, political and civilisational problems of Europe. Only such a broad perspective makes it possible to fully grasp the challenges that European entrepreneurs are facing.