SOPOT | 27-29 SEPTEMBER 2017
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EFNI’s location

Each year, the European Forum for New Ideas is held in Sopot, one of the most picturesque Polish resorts by the Baltic Sea.

Mapa strefa efni_en


Just before the conference, especially for the Forum panellists and attendees, we build the Pavilion of New Ideas to house EFNI’s main events. This glass-walled building is located directly on the beach. Owing to this, Forum attendees can listen to debates held by outstanding intellectuals, politicians and business representatives in a unique atmosphere, with an inspiring view of the sea.

FKR_ (1120) przy Strefie EFNISopot 03.10.2014 EUROPEJSKIE FORUM NOWYCH IDEI.

The conference centre of the modern Sheraton Hotel is available to Forum attendees.

Sheraton Conference Centre_I floor


EFNI’s location near the international Gdańsk airport, close to one of the largest railway hubs in Poland, as well as near the A1 motorway is an additional asset.