Globalism, Bilateralism, Economic Patriotism? Challenges for Societies and Business

27th - 29th September 2017
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EFNI’s location

Each year, the European Forum for New Ideas is held in Sopot, one of the most picturesque Polish resorts by the Baltic Sea.


Just before the conference, especially for the Forum panellists and attendees, we build the Pavilion of New Ideas to house EFNI’s main events. This glass-walled building is located directly on the beach. Owing to this, Forum attendees can listen to debates held by outstanding intellectuals, politicians and business representatives in a unique atmosphere, with an inspiring view of the sea.

FKR_ (1120) przy Strefie EFNISopot 03.10.2014 EUROPEJSKIE FORUM NOWYCH IDEI.

The conference centre of the modern Sheraton Hotel is available to Forum attendees.


EFNI’s location near the international Gdańsk airport, close to one of the largest railway hubs in Poland, as well as near the A1 motorway is an additional asset.