Globalism, Bilateralism, Economic Patriotism? Challenges for Societies and Business

27th - 29th September 2017
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EFNI recommendations

Each edition of the European Forum for New Ideas brings new proposals and ideas for the recovery of the European economy and the revival of the integration process. The new ideas ? the results of long debates among business leaders and experts ? are forwarded in the form of EFNI Recommendations to political and economic decision-makers in Poland and the EU.

EFNI Recommendations relate to the most important problems of the European Union, and they are often ahead of ideas and projects raised in Brussels. The recommendations of business are sounding louder and louder and are a significant inspiration for the authorities of the EU and Member States.


Download EFNI 2015 Recommendations brochure


EFNI 2015 Recommendations split into industries and issues:

Energy / Climate


Digital challenges


Challenges facing Europe

Challenges of the 21st century


EFNI recommendations archive:

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