Globalism, Bilateralism, Economic Patriotism? Challenges for Societies and Business

SOPOT | September 27-29, 2017
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EFNI 2016 on the future of work

We are very pleased to invite all to attend the sixth edition of the European Forum for New Ideas which will take place on 28?30 September of this year in Sopot.

The central theme of this year’s EFNI will be: The future of work. Realities, dreams and delusions. Together with our attendees from all over the world, we will ask ourselves, among others, about the consequences of technological changes for the labour market. Are we inevitably on course toward growing inequalities, polarization and fragmentation of work, disappearance of unemployment coupled with the end of stable employment, as well as creeping commercialization of life? We will also explore the topics of modern employment policies, common market in the context of terrorist threats and fears of refugees, adjustment of the welfare system to new conditions and forms of employment.

Save the date for EFNI 2016 in your agendas, and come join the debate.