SOPOT | 27-29 SEPTEMBER 2017


16 March 2017
EFNI 2017 – 7th edition of the Forum will take place from 27th September in Sopot
We are very pleased to invite all to attend the seventh edition of the European Forum for New Ideas which will take place on...
29 September 2016
Official speeches on EFNI Opening Gala 2016
Below you can find an official speeches of this year EFNI Opening Gala.   A speech of Henryka Bochniarz, Vice President of BusinessEurope, President...
29 September 2016
F. Timmermans: Europe is our shared homeland!
During the EFNI 2016 Opening Gala, the first Vice-President of the European Commission spoke of the crises that continue to shake contemporary Europe. He...
29 September 2016
EFNI Opening Gala: the future of work is contingent on the future of the EU
?The big, rich sectors of industry with millions of workers are collapsing, yet in the new technologies sector businesses are created every day with...
29 September 2016
Watch EFNI 2016 online!
Those who can not attend EFNI 2016 are able to watch some f EFNI events online on our official YouTube channel. Be with us!...
27 September 2016
The coffee during EFNI is the best!
Courtesy of Citi Handlowy, refreshments (coffee and tea) are available for all EFNI attendees at Starbucks Coffee Citi Handlowy. A moment to relax over...
Kitschelt 22 September 2016
Types of workers and what this mean for the future according to Prof. H. Kitschelt
Today’s vulnerable: the proletariat and precariat, or perhaps one of the winning groups: sociocultural or moneyed? Who with whom will decide about our future?...
Grotto 22 September 2016
La dolce vita! – italian network evening
Italian food, Italian wine, Italian music, Italian delicacies. And the best opportunity for all EFNI attendees to meet at one venue and at one...
14 September 2016
Outstanding experts at EFNI 2016
Ulrike Guérot,Director of the Department for European Policy and the study of Democracy at the Donau-University in Krems, Austria; An active supporter of a...
intelek 13 September 2016
World-famous intellectuals and authors at this year’s EFNI
This edition of EFNI will be attended by, among others, great visionaries: Martin Ford, a renowned US author, entrepreneur and futurologist from the Silicon...
ludzie biznesu 13 September 2016
The great business people at EFNI 2016
The important business personalities of this year’s edition will include: Stefan Batory, founder and President at iTaxi, the largest taxi network in Poland; An...
6 September 2016
Forecasts by EFNI Experts – In 5 years Poland could be running out of jobs
Data collected by Oxford University suggests that within the next two decades, 47% of Americans will lose employment as a result of being replaced...